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The Requirements for a Loan Approval

Find out what Lite Lender Bank’s requirements are based on loan commitments: Lite Lender Bank specializes in installment loans for private individuals. The credit institution was founded in 1960 and is based in Stuttgart, which makes it a reputable provider and therefore also makes some demands on the loan approval.

Lite Lender Bank credit is only available to private individuals. It is considered a purely online loan and is used to finance consumption. In general, you can use the funds at your own discretion because the loan is not earmarked. The sum should be USD 1,000 to a maximum of USD 70,000, while the interest rate is set individually. Terms can be agreed between 12 and 84 months.


Requirements to the borrower

Requirements to the borrower

In principle, anyone can apply for an installment loan who is of legal age and has been in employment for at least three months. The trial period should already be over.

Lite Lender Bank requires an employment contract that is not terminated and, in principle, does not grant loans to freelancers, partners and partners. Interested parties must act on their own account and be resident in Germany. 


Loan application: checking the creditworthiness

Loan application: checking the creditworthiness

In order to meet the requirements of Lite Lender Bank for a positive loan approval, your credit rating should be as high as possible. Creditworthiness plays an important role for Lite Lender, which is checked using the Schufa information. If this is negative, the loan is rejected in most cases. A high salary can counteract this. The better your credit rating is, the lower the interest rate will be. The conditions depend on the creditworthiness. In the credit examples, the lowest interest rate is always used, which unfortunately does not apply to all interested parties.

Important: There should be no negative Schufa entry.

The application is made directly on the provider’s website. Fill out the appropriate form on the computer and add the necessary documents:

  • Valid copy of the ID card
  • Proof of tenancy: bank account statement (minimum 1 month)
  • At least two salary or wage slips

Now the application is checked, after which you will receive the credit documents by post. Check all the data, sign the form and send it back using Lite Lender Bank’s Postident procedure. A few days later, the amount will be transferred directly to your account. There are no processing fees.

Tip: Especially with a low salary, you can score with a secure job. Send Lite Lender Bank payslips from recent years to show that you have a regular income with the same employer. This also applies to your bank statements. If you (almost) never slip into the red and know how to use your money, it can have a positive effect.
This is also related to the desired loan amount. The lower the total, the sooner you can convince Lite Lender of your circumstances.


Final conditions for a loan approval

loan approval

An immediate online decision about the credit contracts is possible, but not final. The interest rate can change if your submitted documents are evaluated negatively. If the installment loan is on the brink, you can offer an assignment of the salary or pension benefits as security.

Positive: Lite Lender Bank carries out Schufa inquiries using the “Request credit terms” feature. A normal loan request would result in a negative entry if the loan is declined.

Normally Lite Lender does not lend to negative Schufa, so before you offer too much collateral or try to convince otherwise, you should check the competition’s interest rates. Otherwise you can’t go wrong with this provider. 

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