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One of the common problems of many people in recent days is the unapproved loans! The question ” Why is my loan not approved ?” It can actually have many different answers.

Credits are presented to you after obtaining approval from the banks’ directorates after the credit registry office is briefly evaluated by the “Credit Bureau”. This evaluation, which is actually a very short and simple process, can be answered at the end of long processes due to the person’s Credit Bureau score.

The average score of your payments by the Credit Bureau

The average score of your payments by the Credit Bureau

So, what is this Credit Bureau score? Credit Bureau Score is the average score of your payments by the credit bureau. As long as the person pays regularly and on time, the score rises steadily. As the score increases, your credit is confirmed much more easily and you can use your credit on the same day.

However, since the criteria of the credit registry office contain a lot of details, many of your delayed payment tables are examined. Phone bills, credit card payments, electricity-water bills payments and credit payments from other banks are evaluated within the scope of these payments.

If the payments are made on time, the person can use the loan without any problem in using credit. As long as these factors are taken into consideration, there is no problem in the loan approval process. However, all your criteria are positive, yet your credit is not approved? Why is my credit not approved?

It is very difficult to keep up with the living standards that increase day by day. Therefore, we may have urgent cash needs or urgent credit needs.

If you fill out the form on the page completely and correctly


If your payments are regular and you still cannot use credit from banks, our team that will definitely provide you with solutions always offers alternatives that will make you smile.

If you fill out the form on the page completely and correctly, our team will act immediately for the loan you need. Even if you have irregular payments, delayed or forgotten balances in the past, you can reach the desired result! Thanks to our team, which has been providing solutions to many people who have been victims of this issue for years, you will be able to find an immediate solution to your urgent cash needs.

Take action quickly for your loan you can use now! No matter who you are, a credit will be issued immediately thanks to our professional team!

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