Month: January 2020

Consolidation without a mortgage

More and more people use loans and various types of loans. On credit, we buy not only apartments, cars or a dream vacation, but also more and more often we borrow to finance temporary whims, such as fashionable clothes or […]

Getting a loan has never been this easy

Credit cards and loans are the things that are used frequently in our country and always come to the rescue. However, when credit cards are not used regularly, it can cause great problems for people. We often see people who […]

The Requirements for a Loan Approval

Find out what Lite Lender Bank’s requirements are based on loan commitments: Lite Lender Bank specializes in installment loans for private individuals. The credit institution was founded in 1960 and is based in Stuttgart, which makes it a reputable provider […]

Bad Debt: How to Avoid?

The current economic situation in Brazil and the rise in interest rates on personal loans, overdrafts and revolving credit cards have contributed to the growth of default in Brazil. According to Serasa Experian in June 2016, the state of Sao […]